Welcome Our Little Liliana!


We’re excited to finally share the arrival of Liliana (Lili-Ah-Na) Costea! Wednesday, November 5th was my official due date, but we ended up welcoming our baby girl on 10/21/14. She made her debut at 10:21pm and weighed 6lbs. 1 oz. The day went by pretty smoothly up until the last half hour when things got a little dramatic and pretty real. I never knew I had that type of strength in me and Brian and I are still digesting everything that went down. I look forward to sharing my delivery story, I just need a little more time to take this new life in.

After four days in the hospital and Liliana in the NICU, we have been home for just about 2 weeks and it has been a pretty surreal experience. Everyone is healthy and we’re focusing on resting and bonding up a storm over here.

I plan to continue to share photos as she develops on Instagram and I have some post ideas to keep you guys in the loop as she grows and how I’m adjusting to motherhood.

Here are some photos of our first few days together in the hospital…





  1. Nancy says

    Congrats Jen and Brian!! I am so happy for you both, she is so precious!

  2. She’s beautiful, Jen!

  3. Michelle says

    Beautiful baby girl!

  4. congrats again on your baby!!!

  5. Lori says

    She is absolutely adorable! I love all of that dark hair!!



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