Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere

I was going to get my nails done for Memorial Day weekend and I am so glad I didn’t. I went up to a little cabin in the wild woods of Michigan. The cabin is surrounded by trees, down a three mile dirt road and is placed right on a beautiful lake. The views are breathtaking and the isolation is incredibly refreshing and rejuvenating.  I camped a few times when I was younger and loved it…since then I have always liked to say I am an outdoorsy girl—true fact, I am very much a city girl with a love for the outdoors.  The cabin had been closed since September of last year and the piles of flies by the windows helped me comprehend the reality of what my next 24 hours was going to look like.

Yes, there was a lot of cleaning, pulling out of all the things that make the place homey and putting everything in its rightful place…but in the end it was all worth it. The rest of the trip was spent playing in the water, drinking and sun bathing off of the pier, fishing (yes, I like to fish now, it is so relaxing) and constantly eating watermelon and BBQ.  I dowsed myself in bug spray everyday multiple times a day, and the flies still give me the creepy crawlies just thinking about them, but I loved my visit and I can’t wait to go back to sit on the pier to watch the colorful sunsets all while sipping on my Lemon Drop Martini.

It was also a very relaxing trip for the pups, they had such a good time!

Guess what I am doing tomorrow…getting my nails done! Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


  1. that looks perrrrrfect.

  2. so relaxing! I am glad you get to go AND take the dogs!

  3. nancy says

    I can’t wait to get up there myself. Thanks to you and Brian for all your hard work. I hope you will get up some time during the summer while I am there! Your pictures are great! They almost make me feel like I was up there with you. I especially like the one with Logan on the pier. And I bet your nails look awesome :)

  4. Sahi says

    Looks great! I love your pups they are so adorable wht are their names?


  5. marta donnelly says

    Beautiful pictures!!!…Looks so relaxing!



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