We’ve Got Issues

{Logan sporting the Thunder Shirt}


I am a dog lover…always have been. It is probably more accurate to say I am an animal lover. As a young girl, I always wanted to take animals home with me (cats, lizards, fish, turtles, puppies, mice, hamsters, you name it, I wanted to take care of it). I have owned many animals in my young life and one thing always rings true, you never know what you are going to get. Each pet is unique, with his or her own little quirks (just like us, I guess).

Why am I bringing this up? You may know of my goofy, exceptionally charming French bulldog, Logan. I have mentioned him on the blog here, here, here, here and here before (wow, that’s a lot). There’s one thing I’ve left out: his uncanny quirky behavior/issue that we can’t seem to get him over. His big deal/life-stressing quirk is a frustrating one. Logan gets himself worked up into a tizzy every time Brian or myself leave him alone (god, I wish he spoke English, I could just tell him, “No biggy buddy, we will always come back” or like my Pap used to tell me when I little and wanted to know how long something was going to take, “We will be back in two Cosby shows”).

Basically, he howls and cries as if the moment, right before we leave, is the last he will ever see either of us again. I adopted him when he was one and he is going on five in March. His separation anxiety has escalated into a more extreme state since we moved from Chicago to L.A. in August. This has been something I’ve constantly been working on: Currently, we are taking him to a dog class @ the ZoomRoom to build his confidence (he graduated last night), we tried the Thunder Shirt (which was a total bust, it seemed to push him over the edge) and now we are giving him Sleepy Time Tonic every time we leave.

He is loved, and I just want him to be happy; live a life without undeniable fear that we will never return. If you’ve ever experienced this with your dog, I would love to hear how you solved it.

p.s. Thank you for bearing with me on the abnormally long post (I needed to vent).

xx Jen


  1. Katie says

    I can’t believe thunder shirt was a bust!! I only hear good things. Good thing it’s guaranteed at least. Poor Logan :( what about Rescue Remedy? That helps me out.

  2. michelle tippets says

    I had a dog like Logan. He once jumped out a window to get to me. I read a book about separation anxiety and followed the steps. It was a tremendous help.

  3. erica says

    Logan is adorable! Congrats to him on graduating :) Hopefully his anxiety issues will get better.

    xo erica



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