What’s Up With Liliana: 4.5 Months


Life with Liliana just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. ¬†And these ripped baby jeans? I can’t even handle it.

Her little cheeks are so chubby and her little body is all plumped out now. Four months is a fun and adorable age. She’s making all different sounds and she giggles and squeeee’s all day. I never really understood the whole, “I’m gonna bite your cheeks” thing that parents have for their kids, but now I get it. I really get it. I want to kiss and snuggle every inch of this little babe. Recently, Liliana started to arch her back and with a little help she’s rolling over!!! It seemed to just happen over night, but we practice every day now. She’s getting so strong. With the advice of my dear friend, Ashley of One Fine Day, I purchased a bouncy seat. It arrived this weekend and she seems to really love it. She stretches her little toes to the ground and just stands as straight as she can and just smiles. She hasn’t quite gotten the “bounce” yet, but I’m sure in time she will get the hang of it. I’ve done so good at keeping our house tame as far as baby “stuff,” but this jumpy seat has kind of pushed the house into looking kind of like a daycare. There really isn’t a good looking bouncy seat on the market. But a mom’s gotta do, what a mom’s gotta do.

Another minor detail about this age is she’s extra clingy and cries when she sees me walking away from her. Though I know this won’t last, it’s a tough one. My lunches and potty breaks and pretty much everything I do away from her are filled with big fat baby tears and her weirdly adorable cry face.

I was trying these jeans on her and decided to snap a few photos. I have a feeling when she looks at these when she’s older she’ll say, “oh mom, those jeans and striped shirt are so 2015.”


^ you can see her hair grows straight up in the center and straight down on the sides. She looks like a little punk rocker^


^can you hear her in this photo? “squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”^


^this is a rare face, but I’m so glad I caught it on camera. I saw it and laughed out loud^


^ that belly and those arms…..and her little baby fingers… nom.nom.nom.nom^

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  1. Nancy says

    She’s a little big girl now!! Wonder what her first word will be? Just so precious.



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