Where the Magic Happens


I’ve been daydreaming about a neat office to call my own for a while now. I even did a post on it here. And when we were apartment hunting, the place we found had to have a room/space where I could see myself working everyday and being happy.

And our new home has this cute room that’s bright, and has a door going out to our patio. It’s perfect.

Over the weekend, Brian and I headed into Seattle to West Elm to pick up my desk…and I’m totally loving it. I haven’t done much else to the space yet, but at least you can see where I sit and work everyday.

Some important items on my desk are a picture of my childhood dog and best friend growing up. His name was Joey, and since I was an only child, he was who I played with…we were inseparable.

And next to my calendar, sits a dream catcher. Brian’s mom got it for me as a gift. I love it because I can write down all my dreams on the little piece of paper inside and the pretty container keeps them safe. It is a great reminder everyday to never give up.






  1. Lisa says

    Love it! Seattle is the 2nd best place to live. Chicago being the 1st…LOL!

  2. Tionna says

    Good job, Jen! Who wouldn’t love to get a little work done in such an inviting space? (And Joey!) Xoxo

  3. Lori says

    It’s so bright and lovely! I especially love that message pillow!

  4. I agree with Lisa! Great place, lovely special items.



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