Why We Moved…Again


When you make a big life change, like a move, how do you know you are making the right choice?

It’s never an easy choice to make a big move like we did, let a lone twice, but sometimes there are opportunities you just can’t pass up.



Los Angeles

This is actually our second huge move in two years…I’m starting to think we are kind of pros at it. Two years ago we moved from downtown Chicago to the city of Los Angeles. We both had family in Chicago, and I had family in LA. I had received an amazing job opportunity and the company offered to move us. So we took the plunge, rented out Brian’s condo, had our stuff packed and we moved half way across the country with our two dogs in tow. Though I’m originally form Los Angeles, I moved when I was 12, so I didn’t know my way around at all. It was basically a brand new city to both of us.

We ended up falling in love with Los Angeles and really enjoyed being close to family members I hadn’t actually seen on a regular basis in many years. We loved the city so much, we were sure we would be there for a long, long time.







And before we knew it, two years later, Brian had a handful of job opportunities, including one at a company he has always wanted to work for. Two opportunities were in LA and within a 15-minute commute from our place (totally unheard of in LA).

Let’s hit rewind for a moment:

When Brian and I first met, one of his big clients was Microsoft—he was flying to Seattle every month for a week or so at a time. And after one trip he said to me, “If I ever have the opportunity, I would love to work for Microsoft and live in Seattle.” At that moment, little did we know, he was basically writing our future five-years later.


Deciding to move

It happened really fast. Brian was interviewing on the phone, then in Seattle and about a month and a half later we were talking about getting everything packed up again. It was hard because we were newly engaged and planning a wedding in a beautiful spot in Malibu, my grandfather (who I’m incredibly close with) was in and out of the hospital, and we had fallen in love with the city we lived in.

Here’s the thing, and how Brian and I have been looking at it. Limiting yourself to what you think you should do, or where you think your life should be, isn’t always the best option. Because at the end of the day, you just never know where life is going to take you. Living openly and letting opportunities come to you that you might think are totally impossible, is how you make dreams come true for yourself. And that’s exactly what we did.


Dealing with friends and family

Another huge thing, is you might not have a lot of support from family and friends. And know that everyone will always have an opinion on what you should or shouldn’t do. We have experienced both extremes. The first move wasn’t the easiest for people, including us. We had never done anything like what were about to do, we were scared, excited, and taking a huge step in our relationship. Plus we had to deal with what other people thought, and we for sure felt the guilt. But we continued on with what our gut was telling us.

And with this move to Seattle, we had SO MUCH support from friends and family. Everyone was routing for us, but we felt sad to leave what we had started in LA and move to a city where we knew no one. So as you can see, it is never easy. But you have to follow your gut and your dreams. And you have to know that nothing has to be permanent if you don’t want it to be—and everything is workout-able. Seise opportunities, even if they seem to come around unexpectedly and not at the most convenient time.

In the end

Getting back to my first question; you know you’re making the right choice to move or make a change because some part of you wants to do it in the first place, and you feel it in your bones that if you don’t go for it, you will look back and regret not experiencing and taking advantage of what life brought to you.

These two moves have made us stronger individuals, better people and we have grown so much together. These moves have for sure strengthened our relationship in ways we never thought possible. And now we both get to do what we love, and we get to explore a brandy-new city together!!

P.S. All these photos were taken from my first ever visit to Seattle this year when Brian was in his final round of interviews at Microsoft.


  1. I think your willingness and open mind to new experiences is a great quality. Many people would never consider what you and Brian have done. You never know unless you try. Good for you and Brian.



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