Your Valentine’s Day

{Every year I buy these candy hearts, next year it would be nice if they made them taste better}

Everyone seems to have a strong opinion on what this holiday means. I’ve heard everything from: “It was created by the card/flower companies just to make money”, or “It’s a solid reminder that I’m single and the holiday is LAME”, “My boyfriend always forgets”, “I don’t even know why I need to get my girlfriend something” –and of course the– “We have been together for SO long, we just don’t celebrate it anymore.”

Well, here’s my opinion :) (hope you wanted it). I love Valentine’s Day. I believe this day is a time to slow down and celebrate LOVE. You can celebrate a love for life, you (of course), your girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or family member. It doesn’t mean you HAVE to get/give flowers, candies, jewelry, etc. Rather, it is time to reflect and focus on how you can best show your love and spend quality time. Since Brian and I celebrated Logan’s graduation day on Valentine’s Day, we will be celebrating our love this weekend. Our Valentine’s Day will look something like this: my pancakes in the morning, pajamas all day (maybe a nap), a walk outside and a dinner we make together, all paired with a few cocktails here and there.

This is what our love needs this year (some quite time).  If you’ve already celebrated or still need to (why skip this day, we all need it?), be sure you do exactly what you want, not what you think you should do!

Okay, okay way off topic…but the entire time I was writing this, I kept humming this song to myself (don’t ask).

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  1. michelle tippets says

    Sounds awesome! Share your recipes please :) Happy Valentine’s Day this weekend



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